Code Of Ethics In The Professional Code Of Ethics

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what is right from wrong. Some professionals like Pilzmaker let greed overcome their moral character of doing good. Although they took an oath to protect and not cause harm to the population of clients they serve. As members of the professional profession, one should follow and abide by all code of conduct within that specific profession. As mentioned, the code of ethics states that all professionals must practice within their limits of their competence. Practicing within ones competence sets the foundation to avoid harm and exploitation to their clientele. Each professional should be able to evaluate their individual level of formal training which is considered the prerequisite for professional competence. Attorneys' Code of sets certain principles and rules of conduct which each individual attorneys should follow all times within their practice, when they are fulfilling their professional responsibilities to…show more content…
Like myself I believe there should be some form pf representation and rules in places to protect clients from any unethical behavior by a professional. The code of ethics in the professional professions serves various processes. Codes document the standards according to the specific profession which can be held liable for the conduct of its members at the level of the profession. According to F Soskolne 1989, because modern day society relegates control for many of the professions to the professional organizations themselves, the professions have developed different codes to provide the basis of self-regulation. Conduct codes provides a practical guide to members of the profession to help guide in ethical decision making when faced with moral or ethical dilemma concerning professional conduct in a specific situation presented to them. Code of ethics is useful and provides counsel to the professional when faced with uncertainty from any moral or ethical
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