The Characteristics Of The Industrial Revolution

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the abundance of coal and iron as the disposal of Great Britain. The creation railroad system connected all the important parts towns and cities of Britain. This essentially formed a new highway system for not only for a way for shipping goods and resources, but the transport of people (Wilde). Due to the revolution in agriculture many had lost their work, so they turned to the cities. Cities began to urbanize and grow and with higher demand for goods factories were looking for workers. Thousands migrated into cities to find work. This form of migration sparked a new form of society. This society earned wages vs the old system of self-production. The average person was no longer tied down by his class or work, he or she was able to have …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains how the creation railroad system connected all the important parts towns and cities of britain. due to the revolution in agriculture many had lost their work, so they turned to cities.
  • Explains that trade was an integral aspect of the industrial revolution. the ability to exchange goods with other countries boosted economic activity and innovation.
  • Analyzes how edward brianes wrote the history of the cotton manufacture in great britain. iron and coal were essential to the production of goods and power.
  • Explains how the british government imposed overseas trade tariff law on imported goods to undermine other countries. the extra income from taxation was spent on increasing the naval and military size and strength.
  • Explains that the system of credit that we use today was just as important during the industrial revolution. credit allowed entrepreneurs to start businesses, invest in creating factories and or in any type of business they sought fit.
  • Explains how british society encouraged innovation through private and governmental funding, education and policies. the free market for innovation led to the steam engine and spinning jenny.
  • Explains that the industrial revolution was a complex event in world history and encompassed many different characteristics. the british took advantage of natural, economic, and political resources and transformed their country into an innovation powerhouse.

(Merriam- Webster) This explanation over simplifies the industrial revolution. In reality the Industrial Revolution was much more complex event in world history, it also encompassed many different characteristics. With that said, the events that led to the Industrial Revolution were even more complicated never the less it was undoubtedly the most prolific advancement in human history. The British took advantage the natural, economic and political resources that were given and transformed their country into a powerhouse of production and innovation. Through the cultivation of new farming technology and methods they were able to feed millions and produce healthier foods. With trade the British dominated the overseas commerce and maritime. English politics and investment created the perfect breeding ground for modernizations and inventions. Factories brought the rise of urbanization to small towns and cities, turning them into metropolises. If one of these factors deviated from its course, then the Industrial revolution may have not happened the way it did. It may have been luck or careful timing and planning, but the fact remains that Britain Industrial Revolution brought about everything we have

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