The Causes Of The Armenian Genocide

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What is genocide? What makes the genocide to happen? Genocide is a systematic killing of an entire people, it has too many different reasons that causes the genocide for example the Turks hatred through the Armenians caused the Armenian genocide in 1915. Although the genocide happened 99 years ago I personally think that Turks are responsible for the loss of 1.5 million Armenians and they should be punished for everything they caused.
The Armenian nation who lived in minor Asia for thousands of years had been killed 99 years ago. The Ottoman Empire divided its people decades before the genocide; they had two groups, the Muslim Ottomans and the Christian Armenians, Sara Cohen a Director at Scholastic Success in her article “A Brief History of the Armenian Genocide” said, “And because the Russians did have Armenians serving as soldiers, the Ottoman Government was concerned that Ottoman Armenians might commit traitorous acts.” This describes that the reason for the genocide that was to come, there was a reason to do it. By wasting the genocide, they occupied almost 75% of Armenia and the 25% or less remained. They showed their hatred to people and the world. Many Armenians were killed during the genocide. Vartan Kazarian a researcher in “The University of Michigan-Dearborn” said, “One and a half million Armenians were killed, out of a total of two and a half million Armenians in the Ottoman Empire.” The Turks killed the Armenians and took their lands and made them march off to concentration camps in the desert between Jerablus and Deir ez-Zor where they would starve and thirst to death in the burning sun. The Ottoman Empire moved the Armenians from their own land with their power and annihilated them from their more than 3 thousand ...

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...alist Ogun Samast.” The statement implies that Turkey is still not giving Armenians human rights and the right to speak up whatever they want, because Hrant Dink wanted Armenian’s rights in Turkey and he tried to speak up in the newspaper “Agos”, the Turks threatened him and eventually ended up murdering him. Not only they killed the Armenian author they also did not punish the murderer. This indicates that Turks still don’t let Armenians have freedom to speak up and have their rights.
The Armenian genocide happened 99 years ago and up until today the Turks has not been punished yet. Also most of the countries still don’t confess that the Armenian genocide did happen even though there is evidence. Armenian genocide also caused the Holocaust because Adolf Hitler and Nazis and many other races did genocides because they saw that no other nations cared about the death.
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