The Abortion Debate: It Will Never End

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Abortion has become an issue Americans feel strongly about, and it has created enormous debates within the United States. It has been around for years, and is certainly not a new option for women who find themselves in an unwanted pregnancy. Even though terminations have become safer for women, there are still strong arguments against abortion. Whether one is for or against abortion depends on a combination of beliefs, as well as pressures from society. While some believe in the right to choose, others consider it as murder; in both cases the turmoil of abortion has an extreme affect on a woman.

Even though the United States has ruled abortions to be legal, there is still controversy. One may say that this is a growing problem in our country. However, for every problem there should be a solution. Erika Bachiochi argues that: “The state's suppression of a woman's right to choose [was] simply a perpetuation of the patriarchal nature of our society...To free women from [the] gender hierarchy, women must have a right to do what they please with their bodies” (22). She says that women have always been suppressed of their rights, and men believe that they have more power than women. Bachiochi, as well as many other women, believe that they should have choice over something as simple as their own bodies. Having a right to their bodies helps make women feel free from the idea that men are superior to women. Women have always been told how to act in society, but when it comes to abortion they believe that their voices should be heard. If women have no other right, at least let them have a right over their own bodies. The solution may be simple, but getting there may not be so easy. On this issue Eileen McDonagh proposes that, “The right...

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... will continue to advance, making abortions safer, and the fight for choice will become stronger. The issues of abortion has an enormous effect on a woman. Abortion has loud advocates on both sides of the spectrum. The touchy topic may never see its end.

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