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The role of the curriculum area ‘Technology and Society’ in schools is one I believe holds significant value for us as teachers, but even more so the pupils who will be immersed in technology in the near future. Over the years technology has significantly developed and has become more widespread, even in my short time of 21 years. Our world has changed hugely in a way where encounters with a wide range of technologies, has become part of our daily life experience at work or leisure. From the radio alarm that wakes us in the morning, to the house alarm that keeps us safe at night, technology is now even abundant at home. Some of the food we even eat is as a result of modern technology. We need to gain experience with these types of technologies and build a body of knowledge so that when we encounter them, we know how to use them efficiently and safely. The role of Technology and Society is aimed to “equip students to face these encounters with confidence that comes from learning about, through and with a range of technologies” (NCCA, 2007). In this essay, I will speak about how Technology and Society equips us with the necessary knowledge and experience for challenges I believe our society faces. I will also consider the capacity of T&S to respond to the New Junior Cycle Framework which is coming down the pipeline very quickly and will be in place in the very near future.
Firstly, I will discuss the role of the curriculum area T&S in the context of a broad technological experience with particular reference to the significant challenges I believe our society faces. Technology education is an essential component of the curriculum. Even for me as a teacher, over the past 6 weeks when I was on School Placement, I really began to build...

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...chnology, just the age old remedy of exercise and a balanced diet.
The above are some of the significant challenges I believe our society faces, yes technology will be a huge resource with which we tackle those problems, but personally I feel a bit of initiative is required too. People have to begin to get a reality check, step back and take a look at the challenges we may face, reduce the consumption of packaged and processed food, grow our own vegetables more, get more exercise etc. “Technology has always been called upon when practical solutions to problems have been called for. Technology is thus an essential part of human culture because it is concerned with the achievement of a wide range of human purposes” (Black and Harrison, 1994, p.13). In this quote, I feel the underline “practical solutions to problems” is very relevant and important. I feel the saying;

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