The Development of Technology Curricula In The United States and New Zealand

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Curriculum directs the lesson of every teacher and helps us have a structured and systematic instruction. Curriculum is often referred to as reference material which tell us exactly what to do, when to do it and in what sequence. According to Ronald C. Doll ,1996 (as cited in Curriculum Overview), school curriculum is the process by which learners and students acquire knowledge and understanding, develop skills and change attitudes, appreciation and values under the guidance of that school.

The purpose of this paper is to make a comparative study between USA and New Zealand curriculum theory in relation to the development of their technology curricula. “The country’s level of technological development plays a significant role in shaping the meaning given by that nation to technology”. (Booth, 1989)

In the first part of this paper I will look into the impact of the three curriculum perspective such as: intellectual process, personal process and social reconstruction into technology curricula. In the second half I will present a comparison of curriculum development through history, definition of technology, rationale and content, goals and assessments.

Curriculum Theory

Curriculum theory according to Pinar (1976) is the “interdisciplinary study of educational experience”. One of his more elaborate definitions of curriculum theory is “a distinctive field with a unique history, a complex present and uncertain future”. The country historical condition influenced and shaped the curriculum theory in relation to the development of technology curricula.

Technology curriculum with intellectual process framework requires mental skills which is not directly observable. A curriculum that is focus on intellectual p...

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