Difference Between Technology Education And Education

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When technology is used correctly it can be an amazing asset. “Technology Education Vs. Education Technology: Do You Know the Difference” stresses the importance of knowing the difference between technology education and education technology. McCampbell describes technology education as “preparing students to understand, use, and control technology.” (McCampbell) This means that McCampbell and others are beginning to stress the importance of students and other professional’s knowledge on the proper use of technology. The article discusses the lack of knowledge on technological skills within schools and how this should not be the case because of how much we now rely on technology in the world of education. Education technology is defined as,…show more content…
That is one of the many reasons why Paiva has recommended we take the ‘e’ out of ‘e-learning’, because if we do not we are in for a world of hurt. That is the issue with technology within the field of education; it is often viewed as the answer to all of our problems. Although there are a plethora of ways that technology has helped further the way things can be taught, such as the advancements that have allowed blind students to become better educated, it often comes with a down fall. Kids find new and easier ways to cheat everyday, which lowers the standard to which people hold their morals. Jennifer Erickson stressed how important certain ethical behaviors are, especially; responsibility, integrity, and people’s rights. When people stop caring about the way other people think about them, they can become mean and not care if they are hurting other people’s feelings. This is where cyber bullying comes in. There are so many great ways that technology can improve the way we learn, especially for smaller schools like my old high school where DDN Campus is the only way to take a majority of classes that are required for graduation, we just have to be willing to get educated on how we can use technology appropriately. Without that knowledge, the future technology will lead to an even larger variety of ethical issues in the field of education. Ask yourself; do you want to be able to use technology properly? Would you like to continue seeing the amazing advancements and differences that technology can make in field of education? If so, all it takes is for a few people to show the importance of this issue and together we can make a difference by properly educating students, teachers, and other professionals on how they can use technology effectively yet
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