How Technology Has Taken Over Our Lives

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It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity. -Albert Einstein (quote). Technology has become an important thing in are daily life. We can’t go out through the day without having to text someone, watch TV, or communicated in some way using some kind of communication devices doing the work for us. Has it gone too far to say is in “Addiction” to are health? It has become a focus to our lives, without it people feel disconnected to the world. Is there a significant effect that texting can distract are thinking ability, and make us less focus in are daily work. As we know it today people are more connected to the internet than five years ago. The technology has involve into our daily tool to know what is around, as was to know the daily news, and connecting with love ones, shopping, and having personal space. But there comes a time when people have gone to in depth “like” with cell phones constant texting that are forgetting how to interact with others, and having face to face conversations and becoming less aware to questions. According to a research...

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