Technology And Mental Health Essay

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Technology is not mentally beneficial
Technology is truly taking a turn for the worst on mental health. Technology is the future, it’s supposed to be the greatest thing to ever happen. Although technology may be helping the world out, it is hurting the people who use it. Technology is taking over lives and damaging mental health, it is the main cause of mental health issues and it needs to be taken seriously. Technology is not beneficial for mental health because it is causing isolation, depression, and mental illness in children.
Technology is causing isolation because people are constantly communicating with others on their smartphone. Although technology helps people stay in touch it is also making them further apart in the real world. …show more content…

Technology is known to help mental health because of how it can treat mental health issues. Joanna says “Some people ignore technology’s potential as both a tool for treating mental health issues and for improving the quality of people’s lives and promoting emotional well-being” (Rodriguez). There are now programmes to help with phobias and depression that help people cope with their difficulties. Although there are programs to help with mental illnesses, there are even more ways technology is causing these mental issues in people’s lives. Technology can be beneficial in acting like a “doctor”. People will use their phones to help with a personal problem. It is stated that “More than half of young people have used the Internet to find help for a personal problem. The vast majority - a whopping 94% - felt satisfied with the information they found online” (Hazel). Technology has such a large variety of things to help someone with personal problems. Technology is making it very convenient to deal with mental health, it is very beneficial in acting like a “doctor”. Even though technology can be like a “doctor” to someone helping with their problems, the internet is not always trustworthy and can cause someone to come across the wrong page creating even more problems. Going to seek help with …show more content…

It is important not to let technology interrupt what is important for mental health. Next time while at the dinner table put the phone down and communicate with family members. Try to limit time on the internet and simply do as many activities as possible without technology. Technology may help the world but is not beneficial when it comes to the people using it, technology is truly taking a turn for the

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