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    he had wanted to be able to understand his own life, and the paradoxes in it, with the help of the books he was secretly saving from the other firemen. Montag can be considered the Hero in Fahrenheit 451, although most of his steps toward his goals are uncoordinated and clumsy. In the time that Fahrenheit 451, had take place, books had been banned, although the novel never clearly states why this had happened, although it suggests that lack of interest combined with the fact that knowledgeable people

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    Fahrenheit 451 “Where they have burned books, they will end in burning human beings” is a famous quote said by Heinrich Heine, which relates to the concept of book burning, seen in the novel Fahrenheit 451. Ray Bradbury uses his unique literary style to write the novel Fahrenheit 451; where he brings his readers to a future American Society which consists of censorship, book burning, and completely oblivious families. The novel’s protagonist, Guy Montag, is one of the many firemen who takes pride

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    Bradbury's novel, Fahrenheit 451, was written at the onset of the fifties as a call to the American people to reflect on how the dominant social values of their times were effecting both the lives of individual Americans and their government. Fahrenheit 451 attacks utopian government and focuses on society's foolishness of always being politically correct. (Mogen 113). According to Mogen, Fahrenheit 451 depicts a world in which the American Dream has turned into a nightmare because it has been

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    would not be our priority; instead, technology is our priority. Over fifty years ago, Bradbury was on the right track to predicting America’s future. As we learn more about our society revolves around technological devices and social media. Fahrenheit 451 expresses Bradbury’s extreme view of futuristic society in America, explaining knowledge was not essential to life and personal relationships were unlikely. Bradbury’s depiction of a futuristic society does not represent American culture today

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    is also the most essential of the three attributes mentioned above. Montag and Clairesse both had mentors to introduce critical thinking into their lives and pass information onto them. The theme of Knowledge and Wisdom are relevant because in Fahrenheit 451, books are fundamental to knowledge and wisdom comes from reflection of personal experiences and not from physical books and teachings. Faber is introduced into the novel as a former professor and he breaks the law by engaging literature and

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    anything until he met a seventeen-year-old girl who told him of a past when people were not afraid. Then he met a professor who told him of a future in which people could think…and Guy Montag suddenly realized what he had to do. (Ray Bradbury-Fahrenheit 451)" The Guy Montag the reader meets at the beginning of the story and the Guy Montag the reader sees at the end is not the same person. Many people and experiences change Montag throughout the novel. Montag's change began when he met Clarisse McClellan

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    451 degrees, the temperature at which paper burns. In Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, people are emotionless and powerless against the controlling government; the book describes a destructive, dystopian society. Guy Montag, the main character goes through a change throughout the book on his views of his society. Montag’s society is like a rock on the edge of a cliff, bound for destruction. His society lacks curiosity, emotions. and government control. The first factor that leads to the destructive

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    "Are you happy?" "What is true happiness to you?"  Bet you didn't know how to answer these questions. That being that these are questions not many of us actually put thought into. While reading the book "Fahrenheit 451," your mind will ponder the thought of happiness. The author Ray Bradbury really focuses the book on this idea of happiness he's created. The societies happiness is portrayed in an idea of living with a sitcom family, and dreams of adding on various walls sized televisions. People

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    The extraordinary story told in Fahrenheit 451 invites the reader to be curious about a world in which all Americans achieve their dreams and are happy. To accomplish this, we must destroy all written material containing any information that is biased (controversial), for or against an issue. For example, smoking creates the dilemma of whether or not smoking is good for health, which creates difficulties between smokers and nonsmokers, making them unhappy. The American government sends firemen to

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    burn books, but I read them. We both in our life become interested in books and want to read them, however the difference is that Montag is not allowed to read any book. Also, I never became a fugitive like Montag became one. The antagonist in Fahrenheit 451 is Beatty, who is the firemen’s captain. He is older than Montag and the other fireman due to the fact he is the captain and has more experience. Since he is older than the other fireman and Montag his facial features are not as y...