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• The brand name AMUL has been derived from a Sanskrit work ‘AMOOLYA’ which means priceless. After the liberalization of the Indian economy in the year 1991, with the introduction of its campaign ‘THE TASTEOF INDIA’, AMUL has fetched a greater mileage for itself. The personality of the brand has been built since the year 1976 by symbolizing a cute little moppet girl dressed in a polka-dot frock as its mascot, making her a part of our daily lives.
• The fact that 'the brand never gets old has been reflected by showcasing the same six year old girl in the ‘Utterly Butterly Delicious’ advertisement. Casually coming in each time with an innovative dimension to making fun of something already existing,
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The dealers’ return-on-investment (ROI) thus improves largely due to the application of just-in-time (JIT)
 Routine scheduling and dedicated vehicle operations is being engaged by all the GCMMF branches.

 AMUL butter was launched in 1954. The earlier advertising agency of AMUL stuck to the same old advertisement of the staid, boring image. They were not service their main purpose of creating a brand image.
 However, now the picture is different. The management is of the opinion that “Whenever people think of butter, the first picture that comes in the mind is of that little girl in red and white frock, holding a packet of Amul Butter”

 Till the year 1969, the small little girl starred on hoardings and bill-boards mesmerizing people with her humorous, catchy and witty one-liners. After that year, AMUL started becoming a SOCIAL OBSERVER. The campaign of AMUL is a unique marketing device.
 Providing the brand a caricature, an emblem, a definite identity and then bringing it across with humor, satire and sarcasm to reflect current affairs, has been extremely

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