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    Top cosmetic brands like: Mac, Maybelline, Avon and Clinique bombard the market. It is reported that “An estimated 1,282 tubes of lipstick and 2,055 jars of skin care products are sold every minute” (“Beauty in the mind and wallet of beholder,” Minnesota Daily Online, March 7, 2001). Everybody wants to own these products in order to look beautiful. But do cosmetics enhance your beauty? According to the Encarta dictionary, cosmetics can be defined as “beautifying substance: a preparation that is

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    You might have noticed that cosmetic surgery is quite popular nowadays. After all, who would want to pass up the chance to tweak their appearances a bit or a lot, depending on one’s self esteem? In Australia alone, people have spent at least $850 Million on plastic surgery procedures as of 2012. 92% of these surgeries are being performed on women. Part of this rise in popularity can be attributed to TV shows and we are all aware of how TV can affect a person’s decision. Plastic Surgery Reality TV

  • Cosmetic Today: The Science Of Cosmetics Today

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    “ The Science of Cosmetics Today”. From Egyptian times million of years ago to now age time a lot of things how improved in the cosmetic industry . From years ago starting mix lead and copper to make a mixture of cosmetics to know where every cosmetic now is safe and tested . Millions of people all around the world use cosmetics to first improve their appearance and second gain confidence in themselves. A lot of people focus on how pretty packaging or what brand the cosmetic is made from but

  • Cosmetic surgery

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    ‘’Cosmetic surgery is a medical procedure that alters normal structures of the body for cosmetic reasons.’’ (Davidson) Around 15 million people per year have some kind of cosmetic surgery. The purpose of cosmetic surgery is to change a body part that an individual is unhappy with. Cosmetic surgery is not medically necessary, but it does carry all risks of any surgery. There are many types of cosmetic surgery. Some of the most common procedures include: Face lift, nose surgery, forehead lift, breast

  • History Of Cosmetics

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    what are cosmetics A "cosmetic product" is any material intended to be placed in direct contact with skin or teeth. e.g. make-up products, toothpastes, deodorants, soaps and sun protection creams. The history and use of cosmetics Cosmetics are in no way a new invention, existing for thousands of years, e.g in 10 000 BC when Egyptians would use fragranced oils and ointments to clean themselves, cover body odors and soften their skin. Through time trends have changed, with certain cosmetic trends

  • The Evolution of Cosmetics

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    passion “. But cosmetics are easier to buy.” –yvesainlaurnt What this quote means is that passion is the most beautiful thing for a women but yet women are neglecting passion with the easy access to wearing make up. I always loved make up as a child because I will always have the memory of my grandma putting lipstick on me. I decided to do my senior project on the Evolution Of Cosmetics. I researched about where cosmetics originated from .The history behind makeup, discussing if all cosmetics are good

  • Mac Cosmetics

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    MAC Cosmetics "All ages, all races, all sexes, all MAC. " This is the motto for one of the fastest growing cosmetics brands in the world, MAC Cosmetics. For MAC artists and MAC customers this motto is not just words it is truly what drives the culture of this amazing Company. At any given time you will find grandmothers shopping for color with their granddaughters. Isn't that an amazing and wonderful concept? As you read further you will see why MAC is such a unique entity in this well

  • The Importance Of Cosmetics

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    research company, a minute of video is equivalent to 1.8 million words. That is how powerful a video can be, and as a marketer, we have to look to this option to help the customers solve their problems and help the company produce even more profits. Cosmetics on the other hand, have become a need to customers especially women, to keep up with the society trends. However, most drugstores do not provide testers that will lead to several difficulties to the customers and retailers alike. In this research

  • Mac Cosmetics

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    MAC (Makeup Art Cosmetics) is originally a Canadian company that has been operating for more than 20 years and it has already penetrate to many countries all around the world, in the North and South America at most. It sells brand cosmetics of high quality that is intended for professional as well as everyday usage. The brand is sought-after also by many celebrities, fashion models, and photographers because of its delicate texture, huge choice of colors, and durability. The products are usually

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    realize that the Food and Drug Administration is also in charge of regulating the cosmetics that are sold within the United States. However, unlike food and drugs, cosmetics companies are loosely regulated and given a greater freedom to produce items they choose. Various cosmetics have been found to contain ingredients that are harmful to the public health or the environment. The Food and Drug Administration defines a cosmetic as, “ Products intended to cleanse or beautify…”. This vague definition considers