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According to Smithson, Walmart can expand its markets to new and emerging markets especially in the third world countries, which can significantly increase its revenues. Secondly, the company can reform is employment practices and improve the quality standard and in doing so, attract more customers and improve its brand image. On the other hand, the company faces threats such as the rising healthy lifestyle trend I that the company in most cases does not provide customers with healthy goods. At the same time, the company can capitalize on this aspect and increase its revenues. Aggressive competition from other discount retailers such as Target creates a great threat to the company (Smithson, 2015). SWOT Analysis Target According to PESTLE …show more content…

The company has established good relationships with most of its customers which has assisted it to create high level of brand and customer loyalty 8. As compared to its rivals, Target has presented its brand as a middle-class brand which assists in attracting customers that find other stores like Walmart unpleasant 1. Target business is based on big box centers and supercenters, which are not preferred by many shopper who normally like shopping in small convenience store within the neighborhood. 2. Target has not changed its business model to adapt to the modern-day changes in the retail business. Compared to its rivals, Walmart is planning to open more than 200 small stores as compared to just eight small stores within a year. 3. Target has not significantly penetrated the online shopping business as compared to its competitors Walmart and Amazon.com 4. Compared to its rivals Target has not diversified in the retail industry, which makes the company vulnerable to changing shopping patterns and economic downturns. 5. Unlike Walmart which has tapped into other businesses such as retailing fuel, Target has not tapped into businesses such as financial services and fuel filling stations among others Opportunities

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  • Explains that walmart can expand its markets to new and emerging markets, which can increase its revenues, attract more customers, and improve its brand image. aggressive competition from other discount retailers like target creates a great threat to the company.
  • Explains that target is the third leading discount store in the us after walmart and costco. target has performed poorly in other regions that it has expanded including canada where it reported a loss amounting to $5.4 billion.
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