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Sustainability is one of the most controversial topics throughout the history, and as our society develop, we realize that being able to be sustainable is essential to survival of our race. The book Taking Sides: Clashing Views in Sustainability is a collection of articles on different side of various issues related to sustainability. In the book, Issue 8 discusses the ability of technology to deliver sustainability, and issue 16 and 17 discusses the sustainability of food and energy. While issue 16 and 17 are well-presented, the arguments in issue 8 are not very strong.
Issue 8 Can Technology Deliver Global Sustainability?
As our culture develops, we gradually realize that we have to find a sustainable way of living so that we can protect our race as well as all other races on the planet. Industrialized countries and some developing countries are continuously researching new technology in order to be more environmentally friendly.
The issue 8 features the question “Can Technology Deliver Global Sustainability?” The question is a good, controversial question, however, it is too broad to be discussed with one or two articles; the question can be approached from aspects such as environmental, social, economic, etc. Both articles chosen talk about only one fraction of the topic, therefore they cannot answer the question as a whole.
The Yes side does a good job on presenting the details; however, I think the topic choice is not particularly good to answer the question. The author of the yes side article, Joanna Lewis, is a professor of Science, Technology and International Affairs at Georgetown University. She carries out the point that technology is able to deliver sustainability with the support of government in her article “Techn...

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...ver, it doesn’t answer the question “Can Nuclear Energy Be Green?” The article “Is Nuclear Energy the Solution?” by Milton Saier and Jack Trevors addresses various issues about why nuclear energy is not a good energy source. The article presents a lot of data regard to its sub-argument, and those data is really good support to the argument. The authors compare the Nuclear energy with other energy sources, and state that “between 1000 and 2000 new nuclear reactors would have to be built around the globe to achieve a meaningful impact on CO2 emissions” (446). The author concludes that nuclear energy is not a good energy source to use, due to its costs and risks. In general, the essay presents a good point, but it doesn’t really answer the question. However, the article can be a good supplement to the yes side argument to assess that is nuclear energy really “green.”

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