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Sustainability requires the interplay of other disciplines from the fields of science, economy, and social studies. The disciplines must function all together at a go, not in isolation. Once that is archived, sustainable development is also due to be archived. Philosophy is needed to be in practice in order to have an efficient way to approach sustainability. Mostly environmental sustainability is the one that is seen to be important, which includes the following aspects; water, energy, oil and other resources which are finite. The balance between the social, economic and environmental sectors yields sustainable development (Giddings et al., 2002). Sustainable development is classically defined as meeting the needs of the present generation without, in any way compromising the needs of future generations (IISD., 2003). Pragmatism requires us to predict, take actions and to be innovative in problem solving which is done through scientific research, this philosophy teaches us to be practical (Christopher., 2013).
Pragmatism, a philosophy originating in the United States in the late 80’s, it works with prediction, action and problem solving, the philosophy was not really being practiced during the 20th century, it went into revival in the last part of the 20th century through into the 21st century. It originates from writers like Charles Peirce, known as the classical pragmatist in the field. The later pragmatists include Hilary Putnam and Richard Rorty. The philosophy is based on pragmatist maxim. Just like any other discipline, the pragmatist maxim has its own rule. It clarifies the contents of a hypothesis by tracing their ‘practical consequence’. This maxim application helps us understand the concept of truth (Christopher., 201...

... middle of paper ... far from really getting recognition that can better the world. From a pragmatic view we must keep experimenting ways in which we can make the environment better in a way that can suit us best. Pragmatism can tell us what is needed, and it by all means tries to maximise participation in governing, it is closely related to the ideals of social ecology movement (Jinkins., 2011).
Sustainability means that our moral culture must change extensively, new cultural actions are needed to be in place, problem based approaches can generate abilities to can reform culturally. We can use ecological management as a tool to social learning, this ascertains that a pragmatic ethic can help bring forward a policy resolution. The pragmatic strategy in environmental ethics is dependant on how well it meets the most challenging and significant sustainability problems (Jinkins., 2011).
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