Sustainability And Responsibility To The Future: The Future Analysis

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One pivotal point regarding the debate on environmental ethics and the course humans should take is regarding future generations. How do the actions we take today impact those who inherit this planet after us? Some people argue that we do not inherit this world from our parents, but rather borrow it from our future children. Regarding the text Sustainability and Responsibility to the Future, several different viewpoints are offered regarding both sides of the ethics of environmentalism. Two arguments against maintaining the world for future generations are categorized as “argument from ignorance” and “disappearing beneficiaries.” The first states that as the future is uncertain, we do not technically know what the next people who inhabit…show more content…
Although nuclear energy may emit less carbon dioxide as compared to oil or gas, it is nowhere near the alternative energy source we need. A Huffington Post article showed that water shortages, exacerbated by global climate change, minimizes the ability for expansion of nuclear power plants. As the generators require large amounts of water to keep them cool, they must be built on large water sources, mostly rivers and lakes. This reliance on water severely limits the places the nuclear power plants could be built, which makes nuclear an unreliable resource to replace oil and gas in the future as it could not meet all our energy needs. Furthermore, in 2009, France was forced to shut down many of their power plants due to the unseasonably warm summer it had, most likely caused by climate change. As our Earth continues to heat up and more places experience drought, nuclear energy is less and less reliable due to the reliance on cold water. Additionally, runoff from the water flows into nearby water sources, causing thermal pollution to the animals and ecological consequences. Coupled with the fact that we still have no idea how to properly dispose of the waste material left behind from nuclear reactions, nuclear power is not the alternative energy that solves major world problems. This hurts future generations, as we will not only create yet another reliance on an energy source that harms the planet, but divert attention away from truly solving the issue on hand. A Bloomberg New Energy Finance report from early June projects that as early as 2028, solar energy can replace the oil and gas sector demands. The cost of projection would also decrease for both solar and wind energy by 66-71% within the next ten years as well. Solar and wind have considerably less risks to the environment and, regarding these as more possible

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