Balancing Plastic Usage and Environmental Sustainability

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There has been a vast advancement in the industrial development. The development of plastic has been a boon to the modern era. The development and advancement in the modern technology has played significant role in the various stages of the modernization. Although the introduction to plastics has been a significant step in the industrialization, the excessive use of the plastic products has affected environmental sustainability. Proper planning is very essential to implement the sustainability actively. There are many steps taken by various businesses to minimize the harm the plastics can do to the environment by reduce, reuse and recycle. One of the recent examples of planning to strengthen sustainability is by Walmart Inc. It has taken initiative …show more content…

It generates hazardous waste that is ultimately deposited in the oceans’ shores. As most of the plastics deposited are non-biodegradable. The plastic pollution is damaging the marine life as well as the well being of human. In the article “Plastic Pollution” by Kiener, it is stated that the plastic comprises of 10 percent of all ocean debris. It has been estimated that about 100 million tons of plastics are used worldwide everyday, and only 5 percent of the plastic is recycled because most types of plastic cannot be recycled economically. Kiener also notes in his article that approximately 2.4 million pounds an hour of plastic enters in the world’s oceans everyday. Therefore, the most important thing that we can do is, to stop plastic waste from entering the oceans in the first …show more content…

In addition, the plastics have shown to generate more damage to the environment in the long-term than any other sources of energy. So, it becomes our responsibility to preserve the environment creating mass awareness. The practice of bio-plastics are an environment friendly method, which doesn’t use the landfills while recycling and deposition, but it is also not that convenient method because the cost of manufacturing bio-plastics are much higher than ordinary method. This directly indicates that the cost of minimizing the waste, the cost of human health and environmental pollution is much higher than the production of

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