Support Staff Case Study

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Should support staff be included in planning and decision-making? Why? Why not?
Challenges are part of any business or organization. Whether its introduction of a new line of business or retrenching, involving the support staff especially those likely to affected by the decision is always important. The support staff should be included in the planning and decision-making process since most of the time; they are the one who implements the decisions made. Realization that success of any company depends on its support staff and other stakeholders makes their inclusion in most of the decision processes inevitable.

Involving the support staff in planning, and decision-making process addresses both professional and personal stake for the employees
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Why? What might an effective communication strategy look like?

Although it is important to communicate with the support staff on major decisions in an organization, it should cover only on the issues likely to affect them. Whereas the support staff contributes to the success of an organization, they cannot be involved in every decision-making process. Strong leadership requires the support staff the support staff to understand where the business is heading to; as a result, effective leaders should use specification communication strategies to address the support staff on the company goals.

An effective communication strategy should be multidirectional, where both the support staff and the company leadership communicate business issues freely. The communication strategy used should be carefully planned before implementation. Unfortunately, many company leaders concentrate on delivery only and not in the planning process. To develop an efficient communication strategy, the management should analyze each support staff member, their impacts on the business to determine measurable communication objectives and then develop a clear and consistent message that is delivered through a suitable communication channel. Before delivering the message, its effectiveness should be measured, and adjustments made if necessary. As a leader, it’s important to listen to your support staff, sometimes they can provide valuable input essential for an effective communication process (Dhar,
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