Team Dynamics

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Keys to Successful Team Communication

People tend to have different ideas of what constitutes good communication. It is important to define communication and ways to build effective communication within teams, in order to have a successful team output. Some people think of communication solely as speaking, but it should be stressed that up to 90% of communication can be listening to fellow team members, and only 10 % talking (Lay, 2008). There are different aspects of effective communication that should be discussed by the group when it is initially formed. In order for teams to be successful, they should define how they will communicate with each other, and define the tasks that will set out by the team.

Ground Rules

Your team’s success is reliant upon clear cut guidelines and expectation set forth by the group. Spend time getting to know one another and your timeframe availability. State the hours that you can be reached, and if you’re available for emergencies. Establish due dates, and time limits for email responses. Davidson suggests establishing a hierarchy of requests for deadlines and due dates. He gives examples of ASAP; drop everything and finish this as soon as you can, please rush; complete this and report back quickly, priority; put this task high on your to-do list, and FYI; look at this information when you can (2008). Most team members want to meet other team member’s expectations, but in order for this to occur, everyone must be on the same page with what is expected and when.

Define Group Tasks

A specific work plan should be developed and tasks divided. First, the steps of the particular task should be outlined, then what resources will the team need to complete the task.


The group should come up with a list of tasks that need to be completed to lead to project completion. Assign tasks amongst the group, with this idea in mind: tasks are one thing that can be done by one person, not a major responsibility or series of tasks that complete a goal. The tasks should be completed by everyone, then put together into a whole to meet the goal.


A great idea to stay on target with timeframes, is to create a project calendar with all task due dates listed on it. This will help the team assure the larger end goal is reached on time.

Developing a work plan can takes lot of time and communication.

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