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Semester Project Paper What is the Definition of a Successful Entrepreneur?

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Tommy Mullings Jr.

Taiwan Huggins-Jordan
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What is the Definition of a Successful Entrepreneur?
Did you know entrepreneurs average “about 18 percent of the workforce—an average of 16.3 million jobs per year—per our calculations from the Business Dynamics Statistics” (Decker, et al., (2014). When reviewing all the research topics presented and pre-selected for the students in the course, I felt that one of the topics connected with me very closely. I propose to talk about what is the definition of a successful entrepreneur.
What is known about entrepreneurship? From time to time entrepreneurship has many characteristics that people like. Your own …show more content…

Proof of this hypothesis was shown in Colin K. Drummard’s study “TEAM-BASED LEARNING TO ENHANCE CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS IN ENTREPRENEURSHIP EDUCATION” (AAIC, 18). Team based learning often is a ability honed by entrepreneurs because they have the ability to problem solve and adapt to a variety of situations. When looking through this trait, students apart of the study could have” increased workloads… simultaneous coaching and evaluation… enhance engagement” (AAIC, 21). Applying this to the workforce many can infer that when becoming an entrepreneur, listening and engaging properly can improve their specific business idea. This is due to the fact the entrepreneur can properly assess what’s the real need of the consumer and how to innovate this service or product so there able to make residual income. This can be a major difference between a business owner and entrepreneur because entrepreneurs may utilize this skill and operate on specific niches to satisfy the wants and needs for people in that selected

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