Strengths Of Entrepreneurship

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Are internal capabilities that can help the firm reach its objectives.
Participants they learn through doing. We simulate almost everything in the training room; participants learn lessons for themselves, they draw experience from their decisions and mistakes.
We have a competitive advantage because we have a broad structure from school learners to small businesses as well as large corporates who also send their representatives to enrol in some of our courses.

Are internal elements that may interfere with the firm’s ability to achieve its objectives
It will be quite difficult for us to expand our business to other countries since they are very well informed about entrepreneurship, nonetheless our organisation will succeed in SA since SA is lacking entrepreneurs and have a high failure rate for business start-ups.

Are external elements that the firm may be able to exploit to its advantage
There in an increasing demand for entrepreneurs, our school entrepreneurship program help teach learners as they grow to be entrepreneurs. entrepreneurship is ...
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