Strengths Of Jean Piaget's Views On Cognitive Development

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On August 9th Jean Piaget was born. His father Arthur Piaget was a professor of medieval literature. Piaget’s mother was the reason he took an interest in psychology this was because his mother was energetic and intelligent but Piaget found his mother to be in a negative emotional state for a long amount of time. By the age of ten, Piaget published his first paper and he continued publishing in high school about mollusks. After high school Piaget went to the University of Neuchâtel and in 1918 Piaget received his Doctorate in Science and for a year he worked in a psychology lab in Zurich. In 1919, Piaget taught philosophy and psychology at the Sorbonne in Paris, This was when he met Simon (of Simon-Binet fame) and did research on intelligence…show more content…
Piaget was known as an inspiration to many people and his ideas inspired a large amount of research which has increased everyone‘s understanding of cognitive development. Another strength of Piaget’s idea is that they have been put into practical use many times to help understand and communicate with children, particularly when it comes to education for example discovery…show more content…
During my practical experience; I have carried out different activities and learning experiences to produce to the children and during the activities, instead of the children discovering the correct outcome by following the instructions that have been set out for them, the children use their own understanding and their own thinking to find the correct answer in their own way. Piaget’s theory is also useful in my practical experience because I have set up activities that have been suitable for children that are in a different developmental stage than others such as when carrying out a mathematics activity I have adapted the activity to make it simpler for the younger children to understand and that is by using small numbers for the younger children and larger numbers for the preschool children. As the age range of children in my practical experience is varied, my activities have to be suited to the different stages of the

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