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The main purpose of this article, "Bringing Mental Health needs into focus through School Counseling Program Transformation” was to explained how a transformation of a program in a school setting can help tremendously the overall well-being of students. This transformation was done with the collaboration and effort of school counselors, administration, and teachers. This article focus on the need for school counselors to be involved more into the mental health problems of the students, rather than being so overwhelmed with managing testing, clerical tasks, and tracking credits (Gruman, Marston, & Koon, 2013). The first main point this article wanted to explain to the reader was the link between students’ psychological concerns and the students’ ability to succeed academically in school. In addition, to point out the difficulties that school counselors experienced to help students with high risk mental problems. For example, due to the limited time that a school counselor has to actually use to the fullest his or her counseling skills in a school setting, the school counselor may face difficulties identifying students’ mental health problems (Gruman, et al., 2013). The main purpose of this article was to explain the importance of the elements that were used to transform the school program, and how incorporating counseling interventions in a school setting helps the students academically and their overall well-being. One important element of this transformation was the Navigation 101 guidance program, which is a program where teachers, administration, school counselors, and parents had access to input and track the student status. This program with the help of those who worked and care for students help t... ... middle of paper ... ... lost when it comes to school counseling duties, school systems, or programs that are allow to used in a school setting, but this article gave me a understanding of how programs can help school counselors on assisting students' needs. I believe that school counselors should advocate for their profession, even if it is hard to get support from administration that only believe that old ways should stay and no changes should be done. I truly believe that changes are beneficial because everything is evolving around you, so you must keep up to be updated. References Gruman, D. H., Marston, T., & Koon, H. (2013). Bringing Mental Health needs into focus through School Counseling Program Transformation. Professional School Counseling, 16(5), 333-341. Retrieved from
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