Reflection On The School Of Psychology And Counseling

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1. Review the program descriptions below and describe how a degree from the School of Psychology & Counseling would facilitate your personal and professional goals. A degree from the School of Psychology & Counseling would facilitate my personal and professional goals because it would prepare me to make a significant impact in the field of psychology & counseling. As a Christian, I believe there is a balance between theology and counseling that is being overlooked. As a result, many who could benefit from this ministry of psychology & counseling are suffering needlessly. Additionally, this degree would provide the credentials necessary to teach on this praxis of theology and counseling. 2. Considering your personal, spiritual, and professional background, why have you chosen Regent as the place to pursue your degree? There were several institutions on my radar whom I am confident would provide quality education in psychology & counseling, however Regent has the theological undergirding that I feel is unique and essential in my context. Furthermore, I am constantly being shaped and reshaped theologically and I feel that Regent can nourish my spiritual identity. Professionally, I respect the numerous amount of graduates who are making a difference in the world. 3. How have your academic and professional experiences and achievements prepared…show more content…
I had the privilege and honor to study under some of most accomplished professors in their areas in the country who challenged and shaped me. Furthermore, my experience as a pastor, teacher’s assistant, board certified eligible chaplain (4.5 units of clinical pastoral education), and my military and business experience, which span over 25
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