Sorrow And Sorrow Analysis

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“There is prodigious strength in sorrow and despair.” (A Tale of Two Cities) Finding strength in something like sorrow can be troublesome and tasking. However it is even more daunting is trying to describe a word with so much emotion, that the dictionary definition doesn’t even grasp the meaning. To find the true context of a word for someone we must look into their adventure, known as life, and pick apart every piece. In doing this than; maybe, we will be lucky to possibly see what they felt. Sorrow is one of those complex words that I can’t give one definition, because sorrow has many different faces of emotions ranging from sadness leading up to joy. It is impossible to narrow down. Webster Encyclopedia Unbridge Dictionary defines sorrow…show more content…
There are different types of pain, including emotional pain and of course physical pain. Anyone who has ever experienced a break up has felt true sorrow. Unlike most break ups my story isn’t that heartbreaking. Nonetheless, I will never forget the feeling of someone I once loved telling me they didn’t feel the same way anymore. My heart felt like it was shattered, I lost my appetite, and my emotions were crazy. But no one explains how it feels after a break up better than Saddi “The rose and the thorn and sorrow and gladness are linked together.” (Brain quote blog) Certainly, he didn’t mean for this to be a teenage girl’s inspirational break-up quote, but it helped and that is what truly mattered. If we dissected the quote the rose would be the relationship, the thorn is arguments, and sorrow is the official break-up. Now that just leaves one last part of the quote, which is gladness. After, the tears and anger and hardship it will lead us to gladness. We are glad that we had those experiences and we are glad that we moved on. Whenever, I think about that break-up, I feel some pain, but mostly gladness that I at least had the opportunity to feel love and to know the feeling of someone loving me back. The break-up made me stronger, because I have learned to accept that some things are just out of my
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