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  • Emotions and Feelings

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    our emotions a rating. If it was a good emotion, we would give it a +1 through a +10. If it was not a good feeling, then we would rate it from -1 to -10. Our lowest emotions would be at -10 and our highest at +10. I had different emotions during the hour, and I realized that I could have a lot of different emotions in just one day. The highest emotion that I plotted on my graph was feeling relieved. The event that triggered this emotion was that I had gotten three tests over with and I was glad

  • Feelings of Incompetency

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    Feelings of Incompetency In my experiences at the Writing Resource Center, I have found that the biggest area of concern that I have run into is the feeling that I am an ineffective tutor as far as tutoring the students that come in search of writing assistance. I feel that I am a very inadequate means of relief for these people, yet they still come to me for help. In this paper, I will explore these thoughts and try to find out what it is that makes me feel so ineffective. In recent discussions

  • Animals Have Feelings

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    proven that animals do have certain feelings. Scientists believe that certain brain cells in humans called spindle cells are responsible for an individual's social behavior and the interplay between thoughts and feelings. Moreover, in several studies it has been found that many animals posses this certain cell, however animals do not clearly need this cell to present their feelings. Which means that whether this cell is present or not animals do express feelings. Dogs do not have spindle cells, but

  • The Mind: Human Feelings

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    forty muscles in our face that helps us express whatever we are feeling. Human beings have a varied set of emotions, be it pleasant or difficult feelings. Often times, it is tough to determine what we exactly feel, and why we are feeling such emotions. It is even more worrisome to find out just how we’re going to deal with these feelings. What are we feeling? Humans are complex creatures, you can never guess what someone else is feeling; unless of course it’s written on their face. Although some are

  • Response To 'Dealing With Feelings'

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    to Dealing with Feelings article, Rudolph Verderber describing feelings are superior to withholding them or displaying them. Withholding means keeping them inside and not giving any verbal or nonverbal cues to their existence. Moreover, it is generally an inappropriate means of dealing with feelings. Withholding feelings are one way to deal with feelings but are a very unhealthy approach. Another approach to deal with feelings is to display them. It means expressing those feelings through a facial

  • Cultural Expression of Feelings

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    The face is the reserve of emotion. A smile implies happiness, a frown signifies anger or sadness, and a quick rolling of the eyes indicates someone is annoyed. What one is thinking or feeling can be clearly displayed in one’s facial expressions. Paul Ekman decided to study people’s facial expressions, down to the micro expressions that flash across the face and those are what give one away. He developed the facial action coding system (FACS) after many years of researching how people’s facial expressions

  • A man without feeling

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    A Man Without Feeling Is Hamlet capable of feeling? In Shakespeare’s Hamlet the author creates a world of appearance vs. reality. Part of this world is Hamlet who becomes perplexed by what he must do: which is to avenge his fathers’ death. However Hamlet is incapable of experiencing the feelings he should. Thus has to put on an act for everyone around him to appear normal. Another endeavor Hamlet has to deal with is his relationship with Ophelia. He chooses to disregard the relationship by pretending

  • The Feeling of Loosing a Family Pet

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    what literary approach would fit. The approach I found the most fitting was the reader response approach. A Dog's Death could be considered a double entendre. On one hand, John Updike is replaying an emotional tone of sadness, frustration, and the feeling of losing a family pet. To the reader, you are able to feel his pain. But, it is even more emotional if you can relate to the poem. I lost both of my grandparents in a three month span to cancer. I instantly felt the tug of hurt, pain, and emptiness

  • I Miss Feeling Uncomfortable

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    I Miss Feeling Uncomfortable Going overseas was indeed one of the most amazing experiences of my life. It has had a lasting impact, an impact I feel every day of my life. After living in Swansea, Wales last year, I had grown accustomed to biking along the Atlantic Coast Bay to class everyday, hiking amongst sheep-littered cliffs, more green than I could imagine, and walking the beach, just a quarter-mile from my dorm, on moonlit nights, contemplating the world and my place in it. However, I had

  • Only A Surfer Knows The Feeling

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    Only a Surfer Knows the Feeling There is a guy from Hawaii that I know. Every day, he wakes up, straps his surfboards to the racks on top of his car, drives his car from a town called Ewa, across the island of Oahu, to a little beach known as Ala Moana Beach Park. He does all of this even before the sun comes up. He spends a few minutes just looking at the ocean, watching and surveying the waves and how they break. As soon as the sun makes its first peek over the horizon, he grabs a board, waxes

  • Jennifer Hudson Feelings Good

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    “Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flow from heaven to the soul (Monet).” Feeling good was originally written in 1965, by Nina Simone. You may have heard the song in a few movies such as, “Point of no return” and “Man from uncle”. A song cover was later done by Jennifer Hudson in 2011. Although Nina Simone wrote the song, Jennifer Hudson song it better because the melody, rhythm, and instrumentation. Nina Simone was born

  • Child Abuse and the Feeling of Helplessness

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    regular occurrence for at least one child in every family to be abused in some way? But if everyone in every community works together in providing the proper information and education, people can stop abuse before it even starts. We can stop this feeling of helplessness going around today. References Kaplan, Michael. (1996, September). A Boy or Girl. Children Today, pp. 25-29. Kleigman, Arvin. (1997, March). The Effects of Child Abuse on All Involved. Psychology:Today and Tomorrow, pp. 17-39

  • More Than A Feeling-Intuition And Insight

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    More Than A Feeling By definition, intuition is the inherent ability to connect with one's inner self. It seems as if as time goes by, intuition is thought of less. This is likely due to the lack of education and understanding of this peculiar ability. Yet some people believe that everyone has intuition. Few people actually experience it. Many dismiss the fleeting hunches and gut-feeelings as coincidence. Those who do believe in the intuitive powers of the mind think it comes in many different forms

  • Exposing the Whale's Feeling in Blackfish: The Documentary

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    Blackfish: The Documentary Entertainment is a word that invokes feelings of fun and pleasure. It is an exciting time with family and friends filled with joy and laughter, especially at amusement parks. However, what about the whales entrapped at amusement water parks? How do they feel? Are they content with their environment? Perhaps once you view Blackfish by Gabriela Cowperthwaithe, you will begin to have an understanding of how the whales feel. The documentary follows an Orca by the name of

  • After Great Pain, A Formal Feeling Comes--

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    Great Pain, A Formal Feeling Comes--.” Emily Dickinson led a difficult life which left her alone. These feelings of sorrow and isolation have produced works by Dickinson which question human existence and thought. Such works include the theme of despair which is inextricably related to spiritual strivings and misgivings. They lead inevitably to her thematic concern with man’s knowledge of death and his dream of immortality, directly relevant to “After Great Pain, A Formal Feeling Comes--.”In this poem

  • Feeling Death in The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien

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    to maintain that distance. In doing so, the story disputes the idea that witnessing a traumatic event causes a numbing or blockage of feelings. Rat Kiley’s progression of sentiment began with an initial concern for the buffalo, transforming into an irate killing of the animal, and then ending with an ultimate acceptance of death. These outward displays of feeling suggested that witnessing the death of a close friend caused him to become emotionally involved in the war. When the buffalo was originally

  • explication of cummings' poem since feeling is first

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    explication of e. e. cummings' poem since feeling is first e. e. cummings' "since feeling is first" is about feeling (802).  This is immediately evident from the title and first line, which emphasize the word "feeling" in several different ways.  The stresses on "feel-" and "first," as well as the alliteration between those two words, make explicit their connection and importance, and the repetition of the same line in both title and first line serves to enhance the effect. The meaning

  • Robert Levy's Aspects Of Feelings Are Not Necessarily Emotions

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    ROBERT LEVY Robert Levy argued that feelings are not necessarily emotions. It all depends on the relationship between the person and something else. A feeling tends to provoke some sense of action. In addition, feeling is the physiological state of an individual, or something inside of that person. The example used in class is the statement, “I am wet.” We explained this by saying that the feeling is what happens when some part of a person’s body enters conscious awareness. Another example could

  • Analysis of e.e. cummings' since feeling is first

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    Analysis of e.e. cummings' since feeling is first E. E. Cummings' poem "since feeling is first" is a poem which shows how emotions dictate people's actions and why the narrator thinks they should. The poem implies that to follow one's heart is better than following one's mind, yet, at the same time the poem is the narrator's analysis of why emotion comes before thought. The last line of the poem brings a twist on theme that the rest of the poem seems to be following. It speaks of death

  • Feeling Unreal: Depersonalization Disorder And The Loss Of The Self

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    with no feelings, with no sense of emotional connection to the past or the present. Living a life with heightened awareness of thoughts parading through your mind however not having any sort of control over them. Constantly worried about living in fear of losing your mind. “I have no soul,” “what is the point of killing myself, if I’m already dead,” or “I’m not alive any more, nothing makes a difference.” Are terms of people suffering this disorder to describe what they feel in the book Feeling Unreal