The Giver by Lois Lowry

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In the novel, The Giver by Lois Lowry, the author makes it clear through the main character Jonas that freedom and safety need to find an equal balance. Lowry shows the importance of deep emotions and family through Jonas. Jonas becomes the new receiver of memory and learns about the past. He also learned about the way it was when people knew what love was. Jonas’ father releases newborn children because they don’t weight the correct amount of weight or they don’t sleep well through the night. Release is a nice way of saying kill; the people of the community don’t know what kill means. They don’t have the freedom to expand their vocabulary. Lois Lowry makes it clear that safety has a negative side and you need that you need freedom to have a high functioning community.
Love and other deep emotions are not worth giving up for safety. Jonas’ own mother doesn’t love him, she doesn’t know what love means. “Do you love me… So meaningless that it has become almost obsolete” (pg127). Jonas refused to live where your parents don’t know what the meaning of love is. So he left. He took a stand. Jonas found out that his father was going to kill his stepbrother, Gabe and he was furious. His father doesn’t even know what the word kill means. His father honestly thought he was helping Gabe by releasing him, just because he didn’t sleep soundly through the night. If he knew the emotions of love, empathy and hope he might have known that release is a bad thing. But they chose to not have feelings because they were afraid of heartbreaks,
the feeling of loss, hate and envy. As Alfred, Lord Tennyson said, “Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all”. He states that love is worth the pain that the feel...

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...nts to pick his own spouse. Jonas is tired of sameness and little choices. “What if… he could choose? Instead of sameness”(pg98). He wanted to be free of sameness. Louis Lowry made it clear through Jonas that freedom of choice is a lot more important then sameness.
Having some sameness can create a safe environment in schools. Having school uniforms can help decrease in-school violence, theft rates and gang colors. School uniforms can also eliminate distraction that clothes can cause. According to a study done at a Long Beach middle school overall school crime decreased by 36% when they enforced a mandatory program. If people did not have to wear school uniforms gang rates may go up, theft rate would be higher and it would help the school see who belongs at school and who doesn’t. You need school uniforms to have a safe environment for people to teach and learn.
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