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  • Pain And Pain: The Definition Of Pain

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    Georgie Wilson P. Croswell English 111303 Date Pain “Without pain, there would be no suffering, without suffering we would never learn from our mistakes. To make it right, pain and suffering is the key to all windows, without it, there is no way of life” (“Wise Old Sayings”). According to the English Oxford Dictionaries, pain is a “highly unpleasant physical sensation caused by illness or injury” (“Pain”). In modern times, pain is not only associated with a sensation which is caused by illness or

  • Pain And Pain: The Leading Cause Of Pain

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    people seek medical care is pain, and pain is the leading cause of disability (Peterson & Bredow, 2013, p. 51; National Institute of Health, 2010). Pain is such an important topic in healthcare that the United States congress “identified 2000 to 2010 as the Decade of Pain Control and Research” (Brunner L. S., et al., 2010, p. 231). Unfortunatelly, patients are reporting a small increase in satisfaction with the pain management while in the hospital (Bernhofer, 2011). Pain assessment and treatment can

  • Pain And Neuropathic Pain

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    Pain is universal and personal to those who are experiencing it. It is subjectively measured on a scale of 0-10 with zero being no pain and 10 being the worst pain ever. This can be problematic for patients and doctors because this score can be understated or overstated. Doctors will make quick decisions based on this score. Patients might feel not believed because only they can feel the pain. However, untreated pain symptoms may be associated with impaired activities of daily life and decreased

  • Pain

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    1) According to the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP), pain is “An unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage, or described in terms of such damage.” As well as this definition the IASP also added an extensive list of side notes to help clarify what pain is. The list includes: Pain is subjective. For this reason this definition does not tie pain to the stimulus. Different people react to a stimulus in various ways. Similarly

  • Pains

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    enjoyment of listening to his daughter’s labor of love is suddenly ended, upon hearing the typing cease. He states that the stoppage was, “As if to reject my thought and its easy figure”. It’s as if his world has temporarily stopped, and he feels the pain that his daughter is feeling while looking for her next words to write. The quietness must be intense, as he states; “The whole house seems to be thinking”. And then, as quickly as the typing had stopped, it began again. At this point in the poem,

  • Pain

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    Pain, an acute mental or emotional discomfort, is experienced by everyone many times during the course of his or her lives. This discomfort to a person may be the result of slipping on a patch of ice on the sidewalk, or may be the result of working hard on ones homework. Whatever the cause, precautions can be taken to avoid pain, like wearing a helmet while bicycling, but painful situations pop up all the time. Pain during the coarse of ones life is inevitable. Misery, mental suffering or extreme

  • pain

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    Toby-Finn, a 21 year-old Caucasian gentleman, is presented to the Emergency Department with a chief complaint of severe abdominal pain. Toby-Finn, who is a full time college student was just discharged three days ago from the Medical Surgical Unit status post laparoscopy appendectomy. Upon arrival to the Emergency Department, Toby-Finn has a computed tomography of the abdomen, and he is diagnosed with Ischemic Necrosis of Small Bowel, and required to go under another abdominal surgery. Toby-Finn

  • Pain

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    Pain is defined as an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience that inevitably everyone in society will experience at some stage throughout his or her lifespan, and every individuals experience will differ from that of another’s (Mac Lellan, 2006). This maybe due to any number of factors that can affect an individual, such as age, gender, emotional state, culture, or previous encounters with pain (Funnell, Koutoukidis, & Lawrence, 2005). In this reflective assignment I will discuss not only

  • Pain

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    Pain He looks through the scope of his rifle, concentrating, looking. He feels pain, sorrow. A tear streams down his face and thinks to himself that this has to happen. He feels rage rush through him, that feeling that he gets when he forgets to take his medication. Josh is only fifteen. His father bought him this hunting rifle when he was twelve. He would remember those times when his father was drunk and would beat him mercilessly for hours on end. Such rage streams through in a steady flow

  • Acute Pain: The Definition Of Pain

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    IASP’s definition of pain is “an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage or described in terms of such damage” (H. Merskey and N. Bogduk 1994). Pain however is much broader and can be further classified by its duration or pathophysiology. Most commonly pain can be classified as acute or chronic. Acute pain is a essential warning sign that helps the host protect itself from a potentially dangerous environment. The unset of acute pain is sudden and it