Socialization Theory Essay

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On most days every human wakes up, and has multiple conversations with multiple different people. People may have conversations with classmates, coworkers, family member, and complete strangers. Becoming comfort with talking to strangers, or learning how to deal with society is a process called socialization. Socialization definition is “the process by which individuals internalize the values, beliefs, and norms of a given society and learn to function as members of that society (A-11).” Many different sociologists have theories that deal with socialization. One sociologist was Charles Cooley. He developed the many different theories which include the “looking glass theory” and “the ‘I’ and ‘Me’”. I personally agree and understand the “I” …show more content…

The other is someone besides yourself. This is devolved through three different stages, in which a child should go through to get socializing skills. To start the theory is the “play stage”. The “play stage” is when the child learns about status and roles. This stage to little kids many be known as “dress up”. The child learns about a certain status, and wants to play that certain role. As a young child, I wanted to be two things, a doctor and a teacher. My room had a desk in it, and also had a doctor’s coat. This is how I went through the play stage. Every child wants to be something different, but according to Cooley this stage is important because it helps a child learn how to react to different people and how they help. Next, is the game stage. The game stage is how a child learns how to react to different situations. This stage is important because a child learns how to react to other people’s reactions, and how everyone has different roles. The perfect example would be sports, during a sport a person has a team, and the child needs to learn how to play with the team. Learn their certain role and play that role within the team. This help stage helps prepare a child, to learn how to work with other. A person may not always get along with teammates, coworkers, or classmates but in this stage a person learns how to deal with them. It also helps a person that everyone has certain

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