Essay On Social Culture

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Recognizing the influence of culture is an important aspect for social workers when working with diverse populations. The client is a 30-year-old single African-American (AA) single woman with a child. Culture identifies a set of values and beliefs in a community and its corresponding worldview. As the AA culture has been forced to assimilate into the dominant culture, their own culture has been slowly forgotten. The client has deep roots to her ancestors and has mainstreamed into a new dimension. The client is reconnecting with her Baptist faith as she has lost the support from spiritual leaders. “African-Americans have developed abilities and coping mechanisms to deal with racism, and they rely on their social systems that have been perfected over the generations” (Marsiglia & Kulis, 2009, p. 187). The client represents a very diverse cultural group and the intersection of social class and gender which contributes to her oppression. The client is a single AA female with a son, living in poverty, lack of education, unemployed, with a felony charge, and receiving cash assistance from the state to support her son.…show more content…
Unfortunately, her mother lived in poverty as this is the way her future was molded. The client was raised in a single parent household in which her mother worked two jobs to support the children. The client graduated high school and completed one year of vocational school to become a hair stylist. Her oppression once again rises to the surface with her pregnancy and dropping out of school. This was her one hope to regain her status in society. The client currently lives with her 60-year-old boyfriend who is oppressing her to live and abide by his rules since the apartment is in his name. The client feels obligated to follows his way of life and may fear the self-confidence to take the necessary steps to
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