Social Media’s Impact on Society

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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, what do they mutually have in common? They are all social media websites. Social Media has become the number one way to communicate with other people from around the world. It has been beneficial and helpful to many, on the contrary harmful to some. People use social networks to catch up with a childhood friend, endorse their business, or develop news faster. Other people use it to steal identities, cyberbully, and abuse others. It has stated that social media’s are “websites and other online means of communication that are used by large groups of people to share information and to develop social and professional contacts” (“social media.”) With this in mind, how has social media influenced today’s society? Furthermore, how has technology transformed in the last 40 years? In 1970, an innovation in technology came forth and brought a new, faster way to communicate with each other, the e-mail. With e-mail, people could ultimately obtain information faster and commutate with others. Ray Tomlinson created the first e-mail “QWERTYUIOP” and he stated that he only invented the e-mail “Mostly because it seemed like a neat idea, there was no directive to ‘go forth and invent e-mail'" (Bellis and Tomlinson.) After individuals saw, the speed of sending an email, in 1997 AOL created AIM (AOL Instant Messaging) that lets users talk to each other, which unfortunately caused a new trend called, Cyberbullying. AIM lets users enter public chat rooms where they could converse with folks from all around. People were able to obtain new friends online, but then again, some even took their lives from after being bullied online. In 2003 MySpace was one of the first popular social media websites that allow... ... middle of paper ... ... that are used by large groups of people to share information and to develop social and professional contacts: Many businesses are utilizing social media to generate sales. Origin: 2000–05 "Social Media's Impact of Society." Interview by Tyler L. Shaw. Social Media's Impact of Society., 09 Apr. 2014. Web. 09 Apr. 2014. . This is an online survey created myself to gather information. To see the survey go to Taylor, Dr. Jim. "The Bad, the Ugly, and the Good of Children's Use of Social Media." The Huffington Post., 28 May 2013. Web. 11 Apr. 2014. . This resource was only used to create my outline where I separate each paragraphs into: The Good, The Neutral and The Bad.
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