Social Media and its Enhancement of Public Speaking

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Society is adapting and altering as technology continues growing and changing. It is becoming an essential part of life and the number one source of communication in the twenty first century. It is changing how society thinks and how people connect all over the world. Humanity have been given a gift, a piece of technology that is more powerful than anything ever put before us and use it to create a global community challenging and inspiring the world. It has revolutionized the idea of public speaking, it has changed the status quo, and it has expanded the power to interact with anyone at anytime. Since the rise of social media, public speaker have enhanced and revolutionized thinking among society. When Patrick Stewart preached about domestic violence or when Martin Luther King Jr. discussed separate but equal they capturing their audience with their poetic vernacular as the words flow from their mouth like the Greek Goddess Aphrodite. The Balance of emotion and facts, the uniqueness of their voice, and the tone of the words portrayed a view for all to see and everyone to imagine. These people have been inspirations throughout the world due to the advancements of technology and the ability to connect with everyone with the push of a button through social media. These speakers are the pinnacle of public communication and the dream that humanity should strive toward. In addition to changing the ideas of public speaking it helps people connect and interact worldwide. Social Media gives people the ability to share their thought. As blogs are created many individuals from different cultures and different ideology are able to provide their outlook on a problem for example global warming and how they would go about solving it. It ... ... middle of paper ... ...with social media they are able to have locations in New York, Reno, Hong Kong and Taiwan all communicating and working to improve the company as a whole throughout the world. It gives companies like General Electric a wilder range of date to collect in order to improve the world save natural resources. All of these things becoming available as technology grows and our abilities to connect are enhanced. By enhancing the power of public speaking, by connecting people socially all over the world and by connecting and challenging businesses social media has modernized the world and changed it forever. Social Media is a growing trend and has changed the way people can communicate and how the world works to advance globally. It has given the public the ability to connect and communicate across the globe impacting not only on a social level but a business level as well.
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