Effects Of Social Media On Relationships

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Social Media that Effect Relationships
There are many problems related to the internet but I will focus on one that is very important which is relationships on social media. Social media might cause many people to feel lonely and make that the people break up or cause damages in any relationships because those people are not able to socialize or interact with people around them. Social media is harmful tool the we have to use with caution because sometimes it helps you, but sometimes it goes against you, especially Facebook and Twitter. Information sharing and relationships on social media are problems that need to be addressed for many reasons. Some of these reasons are the people who are active on social media, interact and socialize with
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It’s hard for relationships that are composed by persons that are active on social media because when they are so active they are unable to talk with their partner they always solve their problem by social media like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram. Anything they saw on social media that they don’t like they start arguing about it but they always get a fight thru their cellphone by text messages they never do it face to face. According to the article “My Phone Killed My Relationship” by Stolz Kim, he wrote, “every time she saw something she found suspicious, she would text me demanding answers” (179). This is an example of people that are so active on social media instead of having a conversation face to face they prefer to go through the social media to solve their…show more content…
The use of therapy to save a relationship for the overuse of social media can be waste of money and time to some people. However, in a survey realized by Stejin and Shouten discovered that 2.2% of the couple’s loss more than gain closeness in their relationship. This show the while people think that social media is a good tool to help them to find new friends for other it means the worse thing in the world because through social media they loss many things like a relation that they been in for many years and then after been so involve with social media everything collapses for their habit in social

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