Social Media And Its Effect On Society

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Can people live without social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and all the social networks application out there? In today 's society, social media is consider as an indispensable tool in peoples ' daily lives. It has gained spectacular worldwide growth and popularity. The impact of social media on the majority of people is significant; they use the social media as a daily routine that is necessary as food and sleep. Social media is consider one of the top form of communication since it has made a revolution in people 's social lives. It has changed the way people interact and communicate among each other. Social media give a lot of possibilities and opportunities for users, and being socially connected has improve the way people communicate. Communication has grown, and it is now became easier, faster, and cheaper to communicate and connect with other people across the world. People now do not have to go outside of their homes to see other people; they can easily communicate with them without moving out from their homes. Social media has not only improve the way people communicate, it allowed it’s user to express themselves and share their thoughts and feeling. Everyone is aware of the revolution that social media has created on the way people communicate today; however, social media has also some negative effects on the people. First, many people claim that the social media has improved the social life for people by making communication easier than what it used to be. Social media has made it easier in the way of communicating and overcoming the great distances between people. It has made it easier for people to communicate with each other in an efficient and fast ways. Social media has made the globe as a small village and sho... ... middle of paper ... electronic devices allow the new generations to interact through social networking sites such as Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook, which has become part of their daily routine of their lives. As anything is, social networking also characterize both positive and negative effects on the people. It has made communication easier and faster, but it also has some disadvantage. People might argue the negative effects of the social media; however, it is clear that social media has negative consequences in several areas in people lives. Social media is effecting people 's social lives by weakening the social ties between people and isolates the people from the real world. It is also making people more addicted to them and waste a lot of their voluble time on surfing the social networks. Lastly, social media exposure people from different ages to the risk of cyber bullying.
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