Skin Color Essay

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When I watch this film I really am very interesting. It looks like new wind blowing to me; I learned a lot of thing about skin color, discrimination, prejudice, Asian American in CES 152 class. And I usually like all lessons of Sayumi, everything are very perfect and I ensure it is worth thing in my life. And this film made me so excited because they defined the skin color is very specific include biology of skin color. In my opinion, there are two elements that I want to focus in this article that is meaning of skin color and discrimination between races. And I think this film provided good information about definition of skin color and reason of racism include its history. First, I want to talk about skin color, we know that on the world have a lot of country and each country has different…show more content…
Absolutely, the culture will present by skin color as Asian is yellow skin, Africa is black skin and American is white skin. In important problem, we cannot choose or remove our skin color because it depends to DNA, genes or genetic that we are lucky to receive it from our parents. And we usually different about trait, genetic and DNA because we are not to be blood relationship; but we ensure will be same skin color with everyone in our native land. And this problem we call it is race for example, the Vietnam country have 90 million population include same blood relationship and not same blood relationship but this 90 million population have same skin color is yellow. And yellow skin is not only for Vietnam citizen that all of Asian countries are yellow skin. Absolutely, this problem also is same with European, American and Africa countries. That is why I high evaluate a word “race” because it describe our source as who we are in person Ocean of universal. Every countries have different culture and we usually are pride about our race. “All of our genetics now is telling us that
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