Should Prortitution Be Legalized?: What Should Legalize Prostitution?

Legalize Prostitution?
What is prostitution? Prostitution is the exchange of sexual activities for money or other valuable goods. Prostitution has a long history and most consider it “the oldest profession in the world.” In most countries it is illegal. It is currently illegal nationally, except in a few counties in Nevada. It is questionable whether prostitution should be legal or not. Prostitution has been widely practiced and still is in today's society, which urges us as individuals of this society to accept it as lawful. Prostitution is something that cannot be denied or ignored. It has been going on for centuries. According to Sexton and Cushman,
"Evidence of prostitution in ancient Sumerian and Babylonian civilizations dates as far
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It is already presented in countless films, historical articles and many more that becoming a prostitute will expose you to the dangers of the career. Considering this, I believe that prostitution should be legalized. As stated before, the persecution of prostitution is a waste of our money and "it is unknown how many more murderers and rapists might have been caught had law enforcement agents not been busy pursuing and processing over 80,000 prostitutes that same year"(Chittom and Bourassa). The law officers of this society are not doing their proper jobs. Why arrest someone for a victimless crime? If they could focus on the real effective crimes, citizen’s could freely walk around neighborhoods feeling secure. Not even the prostitutes feel as if they can walk around safely. Not only are their lives threatened this way but also medically. Knowing the costs of being imprisoned, the people of this profession don’t seek medical attention. If prostitution were to be legalized, there would open up a chance for these people to strive be healthier. They could seek the necessary medical attention and it would boost our health as nation. Just as it would boost our nation economically. If the government were to collect taxes from prostitutes, it would be a huge gain(Chittom and Bourassa). Considering the country is already in debt, this would be a great opportunity for the US to pay off our

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