Sex Work and the Law: A Critical Analysis of Four Policy Approaches to Adult Prostitution

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Throughout Sex Work and the Law: A Critical Analysis of Four Policy Approaches to Adult Prostitution Frances Shaver discusses the need for change for women working as prostitutes. Shaver explains the ongoing problem surrounding prostitution in Canada and provides four possible ways to resolve the issue in her work. Three well thought out points Shaver writes about are the health benefits as well as personal safety for the women in the sex industry. She also touches base on the decriminalization of prostitution and the impacts it will have on nearby neighborhoods and the residents as well as a few other topics. Although Shaver discusses important areas, she does leave out some particular parts for concern such as the issues surrounding minors involved in the sex industry as well as the men and women who are involuntarily put into prostitution also known as human trafficking. While Shaver touches base on extremely well thought out points and provides a solution for dealing with Canada’s prostitution problem, she fails to elaborate on a few major issues that should be discussed as well when discussing the decriminalization of prostitution.
Providing different approaches to the ongoing problem of prostitution in Canada is a difficult topic because there are several positives and negatives for each side of the argument. Throughout Shaver’s article, she investigates deeply into the lives of PWSI and the different struggles they endure each and everyday. Shaver begins her article with discussing the ways in which Canada has worked on bringing better legislations to the sex work industry. By changing the laws in Canada this may help with the many struggles women in the sex industry endure daily. Shaver highlights four main approaches ...

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