Prostitution Should Be Illegal in Canada

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In Canadian law, buying or selling sexual services within Canada is considered legal. However, this controversial topic has raised discussions between people because of the possibilities of illegal activities inside the world of prostitution. From reading the newspapers to hearing it on the television, we know nothing good ever comes out of prostitution because of the exposure to the risky businesses and dangerous people. Prostitutes engages in a number of dangerous harmful activities such as taking drugs, rape, emotional and physical abuse, and the worst case scenario is death. In this thesis paper, I’ll be discussing the main points and arguments as to why prostitution should have been illegal to begin with and why Canada should be up to par with countries such as the United States when it comes to their prostitution laws. Women are forced into prostitution for numerous reasons. The unstable economy, the education required for certain jobs, high percentage of poverty, history of abusive childhood abuse, may have led women into prostitution. A number of poor women struggle to survive everyday in Vancouver Eastside, they sell their own body on the streets in exchange for cash. The Downtown Eastside of Vancouver is one of the popular areas to find street prostitutes, burglars, thefts, criminals, and more. It is known for being ‘Canada’s poorest postal code’, and for the selling and crime scenes of illegal drug use, sex trade, crimes, violence, and rough neighborhoods. Prostitution is more likely link to criminal activities, making the environment not safe for normal citizens. Plus, the prostitution at Vancouver Eastside’s has high incidence of HIV infection. The unstable environment causes many citizens to ponder ... ... middle of paper ... 1977 to 7,715 in 1995. For the last 18 years in Canada, criminal activities involving prostitution is going higher and higher. If Canadians do not act fast to illegalizing prostitution, then crimes are going to continue going up, while more women are harming themselves. A recent study show many prostitution incidents have increased in Canada for the last 2 decades. In a nutshell, the streets should not be filled with women traveling around for looking for money. For their safety all prostitutes should not sacrifice their bodies to the public, avoid dangers at night, and any possible predators out there. If Canada made prostitution illegal, it would definitely make everyone in the society a lot safer with the environment and for those prostitutes to stop as soon as possible. Once they realized how terrible this road will be, they can never come back.

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