Self Reflection In Nursing

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The main goal for this self-reflection essay was to analyze the impact that these past six months had in my personal and professional life. I started by looking at the original goals I formulated when I started the semester in January and then I proceeded to weight how the experiences and the new acquired knowledge helped me reach those objectives.
I feel grateful that I reached all the initial goals I had for the term and I feel that I surpassed and gained even more that I was expecting in my professional life.
One of the main goals was to feel more comfortable working with patients in a different environment than the intensive care unit where I am normally in my comfort zone. Also I wanted to feel a little more like a nurse practitioner and less like a beginner student.
The experience I had in the emergency room at Vanderbilt University helped me to developed such goals. I realized that not only I felt comfortable working with patients in the emergency room, but I truly enjoyed it to the …show more content…

I discovered new areas and specialties that I didn’t know I could enjoy and possibly make an important contribution like the legislative and research fields.
During the semester I also enjoyed taking an active role in the student nursing government, organizing a mission trips to serve people in Ecuador, going to SCCM conference and volunteering for a antislavery organization. I feel that all those roles and activities contributed to who I am know as a future DNP.
I realize that I still have many other upcoming experiences during the next two semesters and I am anxiously waiting to learn more about acute care, to prepare even more for the future as a NP and to continue developing a strong, trustful relationship with my patients and my colleagues at school and at the clinical

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