I Want To Be A Nurse Practitioner Essay

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“Nurses don’t wait until October to celebrate Make a Difference Day — they make a difference every day”, explains an unknown author. My main source of inspiration to become a nurse comes from an innate desire to help people and care for them in times of need. I am also a person who thrives on being challenged and I always have new goals to achieve, so nursing suits me as few other careers offer as much diversity and learning opportunities so, attending Virginia Commonwealth University is something that has been my desire for the longest. The intentions that I have for when I become a nurse practitioner are to aid and care for the sick, as well as I am able but also to assist doctors and staff as well as I am capable. No matter what field I begin in, ER, maternity or intensive care. I will work as diligently and as efficiently as I could. It would not matter whether I had the day or night shift or if I was walking out the door to go home and a patient came in and needed help. Every patient that I work with will know I have the intention of helping them as well as I can. My personality is a “Persuader” which means I am most sociable of all…show more content…
I want to learn more about the medical field. I am very fascinated in the science aspects. You need to be attentive; sensitive to people’s needs and have a drive to address their needs in an utmost concerned manner. It is one of those jobs that require long working hours and often one must overlook one’s needs and cater to patients. I am a sensitive and very hard-working individual. Caring for others being my first reason for this job leads to a second reason and being financially stable is very important. In 2014, the median pay in Northern Virginia for a nurse practitioner was $104,740. (“Testing & Education Reference Center”). Having this money will help me to be a successful and independent adult, and with this money, I will be able to not just receive but give to less

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