Self-Marketability Improvement

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Building a Skills Portfolio There are so many skills I learned & developed during the study it can be limited as follow. I learned so many techniques for establishing rapport in personal and work situations, practice and recognize effective behaviors for building rapport, developed questioning and restating skills, to identify effective behaviors for influencing others, to recommend specific approaches for influencing others in the workplace, to recognize the collaboration is necessary to achieve desired results, identify factors to enhance or impede team performance, applying guidelines for effective team performance to my own school or work situations. Connecting to the Workplace Through case studies and personal reflection, now I will be able to explore my beliefs, values, and ethical principles as they relate to the world of work. Communicating Effectively By analyzing the communication patterns of famous people and others, I will discover the importance of effective interpersonal communications in the workplace and in life. Assessing the Skills Now I will be able to recognize effective and ineffective behaviors in the workplace. To discover the interpersonal effectiveness based on the responses, explore strategies for improving the skills in building rapport, influencing others, and teamwork. Developing Transferable Skills Being competitive in any job market includes understanding how your past experience is relevant to the positions you are now pursuing, and will pursue in the future. The tips which helped me through my studies & recognize my skills and present them effectively are as follow. Transferable Skills • ANALYTICAL SKILLS o Examining data o Forecasting future goals o Investigating situations/problems o Recommending solutions based on data • COMMUNICATION SKILLS o Critical listening o Facilitating meetings o Presenting o Teaching/training (can also be interpersonal) o Writing • INTERPERSONAL SKILLS o Advising colleagues/clients o Developing relationships with customers o Leading teams o Managing staff o Mediating problems
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