Science of Shopping

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The science of shopping

There are several different types of shopping. You can shop for a car, a house, for a daycare for your child and even shop for the school you would like to attend. You can spend hours among hours researching your choices before you make a decision. There are unlimited amount of information out there for you to read on line as well as videos you can watch that can demonstrate the different choices you may have before you make your final decision.
Most shoppers will shop if it is easy, if you shop for that item a lot then you might shop at the same store all the time, However if you see that item on sale at another store and spend a large amount of time looking for that item, then you might not shop at that store again. In this day and time convince is the leading factor for most shoppers.
In marketing the goal is to influence a shopper to buy, to know what they want or need so that they will say “yes.” If you can make a shopper feel good about their purchase then they are more likely to buy that item, or to use that service. Researchers are learning the ups and downs of shopping, what makes a person purchases one item and not another.
In the retail business, they have spent a lot of money watching and studying the behaviors of shoppers to where they believe they have it down to a science. Their main purpose is to present items so that the customer will buy those items and feel good about their purchase. One main question that a customer might ask themselves is what value will this item bring to me? Will this purchase be worth all my time and effort it took to acquire this item? If a customer can answer yes to these questions then the marketer have done their jobs.
Every inch of a store is mapped out so t...

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...rchases today they will purchase it tomorrow? Truth is that people change their mind constantly; we might be able to see a certain patterns but not exact patterns. All the millions of dollars spent on research are useless if peoples taste change. If an experience a customer has with a company is bad then they will take their business elsewhere.
In conclusion, learning the patterns of shoppers will help you to market your items successfully. However, there is much to be said about customer service. Walking into a store and feeling welcome and wanted is important to customers as well. On- line they can give you suggestions of what you might like or what people like you have purchased in the past but what is that saying about you? They know you as a statistics but not what makes you like or dislike a product. Science is not exact; it is guesses, thoughts and ideas.
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