The Importance Of Retail Marketing

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Today, the retail market is an integral part of economic development because it provides abundant power for the country’s interests. To succeed, retailers must usually update new information and techniques, or find different ways for attract customers from using cameras; loyalty cards of surveys that could help retailers compete with rivals. Most of people believe that the surveillance of consumers by retail anthropologists is manipulative and unethical. In fact, the retail anthropologists should survey to customers for many reasons such as access to customers demand, change and organize marketing strategies, and bring benefits to customers.
Accessing to customers demand is the first reason could make surveillance of consumers is not manipulative
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Most of the retailers have problems with how make consumers are interested with their merchandise, so they must improve their strategy to match the criteria of customer. According the article “ Retail vs. Services Marketing” author detailed “Retail marketing is the process of creating consumer awareness about the business activities, sales offers, and product distribution approaches of retail business organizations with the objective of increasing sales volumes. Retail marketing involves calling consumers to action through powerful persuasion tactics such as product positioning or pricing” that help people know retail pricing is a strategy that is used to attract customers through the offer of low-priced items and sales discounts, and this is also an important factor in business. For example: in the same article, they showed “The sustained dominance of Wal-Mart as the most preferred brand among American consumers is indeed attributable to its favorable pricing. The low pricing and discounting approaches are susceptible to stiff competition and persistent challenges from other industry players as evidenced by the wheel of retailing theory,” that mean the pricing strategy could help success in retailers, and if businessman get less profit, they could have more purchasing. On the other hand, to have the impression from consumers on the pricing, the retailer must have organized the product or banner. For example: point of sale displays of items and prices is one of the most effective retail marketing and brand positioning approaches. This involves the conspicuous positioning of goods on shelves and the use of flashy exhibits and striking placards in the stores that attract customer attention to various sales offers, new arrivals, price cuts, or discounts. The whole concept is designed to attract customer attention and ignite
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