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Everyone likes shopping, but everyone has their own way of spending when they go shopping. I love shopping, but I hate being at the mall, if I don’t need to be there then I won’t be there. I’ve noticed that when I have money, I do not buy anything, and when I do not have money I want everything I see. From my experience I’ve observed that there are people who shop smart, people who are just plain addicted to shopping, people who join another person while shopping, basically called window watchers. Smart Shopper The first type of shoppers are smart shoppers, I believe these are the best type of shoppers because they make a plan before going and spending all of their money. They separate their money and set up a budget. Smart shoppers go straight to buy his or her necessities and leave; they do not waste time or money shopping crazily. In fact, smart shoppers save their time and most of all their money. They do not buy stuff that they want; they purchase items that they need. These kinds of shoppers think about their money first, rather than their desires. For example, smart shoppers will think long and hard before purchasing something they really want, they would rather save it for something that they actually need. Therefore smart shoppers are cautious people, they are careful when it comes…show more content…
They do not buy anything for reasons that they do not have money or they need that money for something else. In fact these shoppers can be at a store for hours and not purchase a single item. I can say that I am a window shopper most of the time. I can look around for hours and not buy anything at all. I basically look at things that I want to buy for when I do have the money for it. I’ve noticed a lot of people do the same thing, they join friends to the mall to just hang out and they end up window watching, walking in and out of

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