Shopping Behavior In The Article: Why We Buy The Science Of Shopping

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It is a unique technique
As technology get more advance, people use cameras, tracking devices in the stores to track customers shopping behavior. The retailers apply every detail that they get from anthropologists to get people buy their products. Some people claim that the surveillance of consumers by retail anthropologists is manipulative and unethical. However, the claim is not entirely true. Many retail use the data they get from anthropologists and apply it to their store to create great experiences for their customers, encourage customers to revisited, and ultimately improve business performances. Anthropologists study customers’ shopping behavior to put together a pattern of how people shop, and from that, they arrange the items
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Also, the retailers can send ads, coupons to their customer base on the information they have to get their customers to come back. It is really easy for the retail to bond the relationship with their customers by knowing what their customers’ need and desire. Importantly, it is all about making people feel comfortable into liking the place, and they will likely to come back. According to the book “Why We Buy the Science of Shopping”, written by Paco Underhill, people doesn’t like to be brushed or touched from behind. They’ll even move from the merchandise they’re interested in avoiding it. The sales from a tie rack were lower than expected; it was because of the butt-brush factor. After they moved the rack; the sale went up quickly and substantially (fbdfjbsjfbsj). That implies the retailers are always looking to chance in order to match customers’ interest. Not only that, they could also use the data from to send out the deal to the customer base on their interest. As a result, the customer will most likely to come back to the store they already familiar with. In extend, the retailers can also send out gift cards, reward cards to customers rewarding them for being loyalty to the store. Some people think it is manipulating people into buying goods, but it is not true. The customer always has to choice whether to buy or not. No one is forcing them to buy anything. Often, people came…show more content…
The data have shown customers’ interest; the retailers can serve their customers more effective when they know what their customer want. The product will catch customers’ attention because they know where exactly to put it. That lead to more product being sales and more money being generated. According to the video “How store track your shopping behavior”, from the study of men’s habit of shopping, they know how to get men pay attention to their products. They change it up a little bit and get a really interesting result:”85% increase in product touch, 44% increase in sales, and 38% increase in dollar sales”; that is huge increase numbers. That number show how impactful the study effects their business performances. It is the result of understanding their customers’ need and desire. The ultimate goal is to increase product sales. They have to depend on the customer to reach that goal. Making the customer feel comfortable and encourage them to buy more goods is a process toward that
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