Salsa Case Study

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In the world of party chips and zesty dips, the Sensational Salsa company has created a new brand of salsa flavor. Having believe that they have created a culinary masterpiece, the company has already produced a mountains worth of their new salsa flavor. However, when they begin selling the salsa, they were shocked when the statistic showed that many children and adults did not enjoy the taste of their new flavor. Devastated by the news, the Sensational Salsa company deployed a questionable tactic to persuade more people into buying their salsa and change their attitude towards their product: they plan to pay off parents to lie on Facebook about how much they enjoyed the salsa. By employing this method of persuasive communication, the Sensational Salsa company will try to change the attitude the public has of their product both cognitively and affectively. With how Facebook and social media are design in the modern age, people don’t have the time to fully digest…show more content…
This forms a cognitive dissonance within themselves as they are not fond of the salsa flavor as well. However, they change their attitude about the product as a way to find an internal justification for this inconsistency. By deciding to believe that the message they are spreading is true, they reduce the dissonance to maintain a view of a kind, decent, and honest self. One way they could justify their attitude is by changing their cognition about the taste of the salsa, believing the is taste better than originally thought. Another way to add more cognition, such as stating that while the taste isn’t great, it has more spice in comparison to other salsa. In a way, the Sensational Salsa company has paid parents to not only change the attitude of their friends about their new salsa, but the attitude of the paid parents
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