Analysis Of Schick And Wrangler

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818 words

Imagine a time when you were reading a magazine and stumbled upon an advertisement that influenced you to go out and purchase that particular product. This proves as the typical goal of marketing companies since persuasion of consumers inevitably leads to a higher profit. Likewise, advertising agencies use various different approaches in marketing their products. This approach can be exemplified by drawing comparisons from two different advertisements, Schick and Wrangler. Schick’s advertisement contains qualities that are effective and promote their product in a manner that persuades consumers, where the Wrangler ad lacks many of these qualities. When it comes to advertisements, using various forms of ethos, pathos or logos can impact a consumer’s …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Compares the effectiveness of schick and wrangler's advertisements, which persuade consumers to purchase the product.
  • Analyzes how ethos, pathos, and logos can influence a consumer's decision on whether to purchase products. wrangler tries to influence consumers and prove their slogan, "be comfortable in your own jeans." schick relates to all men who have facial hair.
  • Analyzes how using original techniques and methods to construct an advertisement improves the overall quality and influences a larger quantity of consumers.
  • Opines that advertisements should illustrate the product's qualities without even having to read about it at all, so using unique advertisement techniques quickly draw consumers' attention and make them want to purchase.
  • Analyzes how schick's ad is better than wrangler, since it follows these three guidelines in an effective manner.

Readers do not want to go searching for information about a simple product such as a razor, so using unique advertisement techniques quickly draw consumers’ attention and make them want to purchase the product. However when I first looked at the Wrangler ad, I knew that the advertisement was for Wrangler jeans only because of the title at the top. I wouldn’t have even known that this was a Wrangler advertisement if it didn’t contain the title since only one person is shown wearing the jeans, however the tag is considerably small, so many may not even notice it. Successful advertisements are unique and straightforward enough that readers don’t waste their time simply glancing over the advertisement in order to discover what the product is. For the Schick ad, I saw the product and right away knew what the advertisement was trying to sell. Since I saw the product right away, it made me contemplate whether my own razor was as good as theirs. Simply said, when advertisements are clear and precise about their product and what they want to sell, companies will receive more profit and success for their

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