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Advertising has become one of the most powerful and effective tools that business uses to launch and brand products. Advertising is a form of communication used to persuade an audience to take some action with respect to products, ideas, or services. Everyday we are surrounded by advertisements, influencing us to make different purchases without our mind even realizing how much they really affect us. Advertising is available in many different mediums and communicated across many different forums. Of all of the forms of advertising, visual advertising has proven to be one of the most successful. Graphic designers have the ability to put subtle references and innuendos into your mind by utilizing different fonts, colors, and visual points to capture an audience’s attention. Companies are willing to spend millions on advertisements to promote their products and services. In April of 2007, Hidden Valley Food Products Company launched a new ad campaign aimed at parents to purchase the product to get their children to eat more vegetables. “Hidden Valley, which leads the entire salad dressing industry, estimates that the integrated campaign will boast a $40 million price tag” (“New Hidden Valley Ad”). A rhetorical analysis of the influence of the Hidden Valley “Eat your vegetables campaign” will demonstrate the effective use of visual concepts to reach their target audience and thus increase market share.

The Hidden Valley Food Products Company is headquartered in Oakland, California and is a worldwide industry leader in the production of Salad Dressings. The multinational company employed the assistance of one of the largest and most powerful advertising companies, DDB, to depart from their traditional advertising campaigns and creat...

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... ranch dressing not only as a topping for salad dressings but as a multi-purpose product for the food & dining industry. In 2011, four years after the launch of the campaign, it would be unusual to find raw vegetables served without a side of ranch dressing in most restaurants, family homes, or catered food services.

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