Social Media Relationship Essay

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Social Media and The Effect It Has On Relationships It seems like everyone has a Facebook these days and are not afraid to use it. Social media has taken the world by storm. It comes in many different shapes and sizes, from Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and more. It seems like people are constantly opening up their browsers or smart phones to update a status or photo, even if it is just a picture of the meal they are eating. Statistics show that 73% of adults use some sort of social networking site (Fleck & Johnson-Migalski, 2015). That means approximately 3 out of 4 people use some sort of platform for social media. Social media can affect how a person forms their identity, how information and ideas are communicated, and how people form relationships both in the cyber world and in the real world. So many people use social media as a…show more content…
Social media requires people to be more aware of what they are posting online and who they give access to. It is said that younger people show a lack of awareness and carelessness in what they allow others to access about themselves and what they say online (Fleck & Johnson-Migalski, 2015). Anyone can post anything online. If information is not properly processed it can have a negative impact on people. Information needs to be filtered and not everything should be posted online. What is posted online stays online and can have a negative impact on the person that it was posted about or even the person who posted it, even if it was not meant to be taken in such a manner. So if someone were to post a negative thought about someone else in a rash or heat of the moment comment, it could have a harmful effect on the person it was said about. For example, it could impact a restaurant owner, if one person were to say they have terrible food in a review. Someone might see that and not want to visit the restaurant, thus depriving the restaurant of
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