Safe Sex Is No Sex

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Safe Sex is no Sex
When kids become teenagers, they start to form romantic relationships. Within these relationships, they tend to start engaging in sexual intercourse. Yes, teenagers are having sex and most of the time they get involved without considering the consequences that they might face like STD’s and teenage pregnancy. Both of these have been raising conflict with in our society as a result of teenagers engaging in sexual activity. Teenagers should practice abstinence until marriage because it is 100% effective in preventing, STDs and pregnancy.
To start with, teenagers should be abstinent because it protects them from contracting sexual transmitted diseases (STD). First, having an STD is a very dangerous thing. STDs are infectious diseases that spread to others through intimate interaction. There are many diseases that are considered to be STDs and they all can cause perpetual damage to your body that can result in death. Secondly, teenagers have a life time of ahead of them. They are still kids, and the possibility of contracting something that can do so much damage, so early in their lives is not something that should be taken lightly. According to statistics, of the 20 million new cases of STDs that occur every year, about 5 million are teenagers. Most of them do not know that they have been infected and continue to spread it to others. The overall rate of STD cases is depressingly high and the fact that so many teenagers make up this number makes it worse. Lastly, these diseases continue to spread very quickly. As a result of people carelessly having sex, with multiple partners, it has become very easy to contract a STD without even knowing. The decision to have sex is something that should always be taken seri...

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Teenagers are having sex, and as a result the spread of STD’s and the rate of teen pregnancy continue to rise. Teenage sex has done nothing but continue to interfere with teenager’s lives. Abstinence allows teens to take the focus off sex and gives them the ability to develop relationships with more depth. It is time for teenagers to make wise decisions that will benefit their lives. Choosing abstinence and waiting until marriage is a step in the right the direction. It is the only, 100% effective way to protect all teens from STD’s and pregnancy.

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